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St.Martin’s worships and serves a loving God,
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 Sunday 18 January 2021
The Second Sunday of Epiphany

Follow me.’ The simple call of Jesus to his disciples is one that certainly excites Philip who immediately seeks out Nathanael to tell him that he has found the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth.

‘Nazareth! Can anything good come out of Nazareth?’ asks Nathanael in response to Philip’s claim. Nathanael is less than enthusiastic; cynical, cautious and suspicious.

‘Come and see’ says Philip. Nathanael goes but does not exactly jump for joy. He quizzes Jesus about who he is and what his plans are.

Jesus’ plans are simple – he calls his disciples to change their way of life, to stop leading their old lives and to share a new life with him. The way forward will not be easy and will be fraught with danger and uncertainty – but both disciples respond and follow.

‘Follow the guidelines’ say our political, healthcare and scientific leaders as they tackle the issue of Covid.

‘Covid! Can anything good come out of Covid?’ Like Nathanael we are often cynical, cautious and suspicious. The vaccines and their rollout offer the hope of salvation from Covid – but we may need to change our behaviour and the way we live to ensure a truly ‘good news’ result. We can learn much from the selfless dedication of front line health workers, but if we are to recover from the damage to our education systems and our economic crisis we will all be challenged to make changes to our lifestyles in the coming years.

Just as Philip and Nathanael were called and stepped out in faith to follow Jesus - we must too.  The reading from Revelation invites us to remember that our personal faith is a small part of a much bigger canvas. John’s vision of heaven reveals that all human life is there – all hope, all suffering, all destiny. Ultimately victory over the very worst that the world can throw at us can be won if we live by faith, trusting in the God of love  - who called us to be his disciples too.

Revd John

Services, Worship, and Covid Update:
15 January 2021


The PCC has passed a resolution to suspend Sunday worship for a short time in response to the Covid crisis.  There will be no further Sunday services at St Martin’s or Well Hill for the month of January.
Please see the latest issue of Staying in Touch.

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