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St Martin’s is currently open for public worship. For now the normal pattern will be:

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Sunday 25 October 2020
Last Sunday of Trinity

When I first arrived in Chelsfield several folk were quick to advise me that we were Chelsfield, Kent, and nothing to do with Orpington, London. As I look out over the Glebe field, with a newly resident pony, it certainly feels more rural than suburban. Yet, as I sign off the latest marriage return; I am reminded that the fact is that we are part of the London Borough of Bromley (whether we like it or not!). So we have no option but to accept that last week we moved into Coronavirus Tier 2 restrictions. This adds to the difficulty of meeting other people, but fortunately church worship is still allowed provided we follow safety guidelines – which I’m pleased to say at St Martin’s we do.

As increasing numbers of people across the country move into Tiers 2 & 3, and the rules and measures of support change almost weekly – there is a growing sense of unrest and despair in our nation. We are faced with a plethora of laws, regulations and advice. An overabundance of ‘expert’ opinions and a torrent of conflicting points of view are not always helpful.

Where should we turn to for wisdom, help and guidance?

The book of Psalms offers insights into almost all human conditions. Psalm 1 sets the scene for the whole book, reminding us that the way we live our lives is decisive for how life turns out. We have a choice to live by faith or to be faithless, to live by God’s laws or to go our own way. The way of blessedness alone can make us happy. This way is not founded on party political doctrines, nor economic predictions, nor even on the latest medical science. It is as we observed last week, ‘rooted and grounded in love’.

Today’s gospel contains Jesus reminder of the greatest commandment – to love. To love God with all our being, and to love our neighbour as ourself – this is surely a better way to respond to the Covid crisis – though It may call for a degree of hardship, costly sacrifice and generous self-denial from us all – if our suffering neighbours are to also receive God’s blessing!

Revd John  


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